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Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization service is an affordable effective way to improving search engine ranking and is recommended for any web site that can benefit from increased traffic, which is probably every web site.


  1. Search engine ranking analysis prior to optimization, record search engine ranking statistics for future frame of reference.
  2. Analyze the web site to determine which pages will be the best candidates to concentrate full optimization efforts on.
  3. Analyze the web site and associated business to determine preliminary keywords. Discuss the potential keywords with the client to ensure all important keywords have been considered.
  4. Use keyword analysis tools on the preliminary keywords to derive a good set of keyword combinations for use in the optimized web pages.
  5. Develop Meta tag descriptions.
  6. Create a Google sitemap and submit it to Google.
  7. Incorporate the appropriate keyword combinations into the web pages
  8. Perform basic optimizations on other web pages within the site.
  9. Submit the web site to the major search engines

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