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Beyond web site development, our developers are skilled in the development of desktop applications for Windows based systems. As computers become more prevalent in both homes and offices, certain needs for applications arise that have to be met.

  • Interface Applications - Interface applications create an intuitive and simplified approach to database management and data entry. Along with database applications, interface applications can act as intuitive front ends to more complex applications and services used in everyday business.
  • Client/Server Applications - Client/server applications allow for a service to be delivered by a server application to a client application. By creating a client/server application, you can control the information passed to the client at a 'choke point' located at the server, as well as easily manage changes to data and services available at a centralized location. You are currently using a perfect example of client/server applications right now. Your web browser is a client application that is receiving services and information from a web server application.
  • System Services - System services are transparent programs that reside on a system and provide services, monitor systems, or perform automated tasks. System services have several practical applications such as a server in the client/server application model as mentioned above. They may also perform complex automated tasks that are required by systems and monitor data for corruption and cleanup without any human interaction. 
Of course, these examples barely scratch the surface of potential applications that can be created. For more information about custom application development, please contact us and we will be happy to explain how we can build applications that can benefit yuour business needs.

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