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Businesses Need Customers...
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Of course that's such an obvious statement - we just wanted to grab your attention. What’s not so obvious is how successful businesses attract their customers. That’s where we can help you.

VCP offers many facets of marketing services and materials. On the Internet side of marketing we design, develop, host and maintain high quality websites that do a fantastic job of representing respective companies (see our portfolio), we utilize search engine marketing to drive traffic to respective web sites, and we design, develop and coordinate email marketing campaigns to supplement a wide variety of higher level marketing campaigns.

What sets us apart from the rest beside our commitment to quality and customer service is our unique relationship with VCP Printing and Send-It Corp direct mail and fulfillment services. We are 3 divisions of the same company cohesively working together under the same roof to offer professional grade marketing packages that include a diverse line of products and services.

Other Services and Marketing Materials

Through VCP Printing Services you can obtain; a corporate identity package including business cards, letterheads and envelopes; sales materials such as brochures, newsletters and postcards; trade show materials such as banners, posters and informational handouts; and a variety of other printed marketing materials including window signs, pocket folders and more.

Through Send-It Corp Direct Mail and Fulfillment services you can obtain direct mail, variable data printing, high speed inkjet pre-sort addressing, discounted postage rates, fulfillment services, and more.

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